master of none


Salt Point State Park, California


While Mary and I are pushing deeper into the “world traveler” status, we travel most within the country — more specifically within the state — often for rock climbing trips. One recent endeavor took us back to Salt Point State Park, our second time visiting.

Our mission: find some boulders, then climb them.

Salt Point has a number of really popular and really iconic boulders, all of which are right on the shore. Even if we hadn’t attempted a single climb, the day would’ve been a major success simply for its scenic views. But we did more than soak in the scenery — we climbed.

Most of our day was spent at Tufatafoni Traverse:

Tufatafoni is a challenging V4 overhang traverse with a series of pinches, slopers, and heal hooks. The water is 20 feet away and makes for the most inspiring backdrop.

Here’s a couple shots I snapped of our party:

Mary demonstrates excellent footwork

Stacey uses a jug on the left, pinch on the right, and stretchy feet below

Stacey and Sierra recharging between attempts

We ended up leaving with bloody knuckles and bruised egos. None of us sent Tufatafoni, but that gives us a great excuse to return.

Brent Traut