master of none


Yellowstone National Park


When we found out my brother had purchased a new home in Big Sky, Montana, it didn’t take us long to book flights. Normally, it’s the snowboarding that attracts us to these parts, but this time it was the prospect of visiting family, checking out the new digs, and maybe get in some sightseeing.

On our first full day in Big Sky, we all jumped in the car and made the one hour trek over to Yellowstone National Park. This would be my first time here in the summer and Mary’s first time ever. There wasn’t much of an agenda or specific goals, so any good photographs would be pure bonus.

Geyser at Fountain Paint Pot

Trees near Fountain Paint Pot

Someone dropped a hat…


Yellowstone Bison

Bison with Hot Spring


I captured one last gem of a photo, not exactly my finest work, but worth a laugh. If you think of a good caption, let me know.

“Jerry, did you rip ass again?”

Brent Traut